$20 entry fee for the NRL season competition with a guaranteed $5,000 prize pool



1st prize: 70%

2nd prize: 20%

3rd prize: 10%

If entry fees add up to greater than $5,000, the total fee amount will be divided between 1st, 2nd and 3rd as listed above.

1 point for a win, 0 points for a loss, 4 points for picking a draw, 2 points added for picking the correct round.

$50 Rewards+ points per round for picking the whole round, if won by more than one person the points will be divided evenly amongst those competitors (jackpots if not won). Only available to Members.

Cards must be entered into the designated box at any of our Collegians Clubs prior to 30 minutes before kick-off of the first game.

If tips are not submitted by 6:30 pm (or other nominated time, e.g. game begins prior to 7 pm) on the first day of the draw, then you will receive the lowest score for that round.

Weekly results and perfect round winners will be displayed on the notice board prior to Wednesday 6:30pm.

If player joins after Week 1 of competition the lowest score will be given for each round missed.


First, kick-off is Thursday 12th March, 7:50pm


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